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22 August 2014


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Thanks the links to inverted pyramid and below the fold definitions. I was taught academic writing as an inverted pyramid and was playing of that but see how that can cause some confusion. Also- looking at below the fold from websites perspective and people not scrolling. Will correct those so as not to confuse anyone.

If you don't mind I was going to alter my interviews post- to include your comment. There are many different ways to handle it and definitely don't want to give the impression that my way is the only way.



Cheers for commenting. It is interesting to see the view from the other side, as it were. My comments were all details - your main point that anything that makes a journalist's life easier leads to better coverage, is absolutely spot on. Sadly it is often missed. A personal bugbear - that you did mention - is press releases without an email/phone number on them. Grrr.


Thank you too for commenting from the 'other side'. I was lucky enough to be initially taught by a journalist but since then it has all been trial and error and bit one sided in interactions. But, glad to see I am not too far off the mark.

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