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07 January 2009


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I admit that your recent posts have made me glad for the convenience of Google Translate, imprecise as it is.


All of the news seems to be coming out of Germany at the moment. I keep meaning to translate more in my posts, but I don't have the time. Sorry.


I had no idea the wave of articles would start so early in the year. I planned to write some posts about the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest and Arminius, but in summer. :) Looks like I'll have to change my plans and do at least a press coverage post or two earlier than I intended.

I got Wolters' book and several others to add to the research for a novel about Rome's Germanic wars. I've played with the idea since I visited the Kalkriese battlefield in autumn 2006, and the new non fiction books and finds will come handy in addition to the - often biased - primary sources and other texts I've read so far.


Not at all. I'm glad you're back in the blogging saddle to tip me off to these things (weeks before I might otherwise hear of them).

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